iPads in classrooms

Ipads in classrooms       Image

             In a world where technology overwhelms children`s lives, it is getting harder and harder for teachers to keep up with students` interest. Nowadays, to be able to get the best of students` attention and to avoid dropouts as much as possible, teachers have to remain technologically updated and to adapt their teaching profession to the new technologies. That being said, if I would ask you to tell me the dominant technology that you witnessed during the last few years, some or even maybe most of you will probably mention iPads. It is well-deserved considering that the Apple device is now known and used practically worldwide.

            Now, if you are wondering how an ESL teacher can incorporate this new technology to his teaching, this article might provide you with information. For instance, iPads can help students read in their second language by providing an app that pronounces words that students might have difficulty with. Thus, it prevents students to associate certain words with wrong pronunciation.

            Moreover, the IPads mobility allows students to learn whenever and wherever they want to. When assigned to teams to work, students with an iPad don’t need to rush to get a computer because they have one right in their hands. The same thing happens with dictionary, teachers can download an app to permanently have an elaborate dictionary.


            The device itself does not only provide useful tools that anyone would like to have, it is made to give people the opportunity to go online and to download any application that might interest them. This is why we can find a multitude of applications that consists of innovative material and appealing to the eyes of a teenager or a child of today’s generation.

            For a school with limited funds, the implementation of iPads, especially if we consider a 1-1 ratio being the most proficient, can be a real economic challenge. However Marc Miller brought up in class last week a clever way, in my opinion, to overcome the problem. If I am not mistaken the idea consisted in including the price of the iPads provided by the school into the students’ admission fee.

This blog provides supplementary information and many links to tutorials: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/igeneration/50-resources-for-ipad-use-in-the-classroom/16126

For a cute overview of the multiple possible uses of iPads in classrooms, consult the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nttRufi5i7w

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