ESl games

Hi guys,

 Today, I’ve decided to look for a new technology that would particularly interest children and in the same time, something not too serious. Then I thought: What’s more fun than games? Shortly after, I found my answer: Nothing. This is why when I came across a website that serves as an ESL teaching tool called “” it ceased my attention quite a bit.

As you can see as you arrive on the homepage (, it is a fairly complete website with a lot of categories going from games and activities, to one labeled “fun stuff”, which includes material like tongue twisters, palindromes and English jokes.

To me, this website looks like a great way to make students (especially in primary school) practice English as a second language. Some of the activities presented can serve as fillers in the classroom. Actually, I can’t see why it would be bad to ask students to spend a certain amount of time playing or learning about the English language. In that case, I think it is a win-win situation for both the students and the teacher because students wouldn’t feel like they are s tuck in a school context even when they’re at home doing homework and for the teacher, it sounds to me as if they have almost guaranteed L2 learning time for his or her students.

Also, offers content for students from the first grade up to the eleventh grade, so it allows a lot of students to find adapted activities depending on their level.  

I felt like sharing an example of an activity that I found interesting because it promotes vocabulary learning.

If you are interested in learning more about the website, here is its tutorial:

Have a nice week!


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